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Tree services seem to be really expensive. You’re just cutting down a tree and removing debris. Why does it cost so much?

G&H Tree Service rates are competitive with other tree services in the area.  The tree service profession is one that is highly dangerous and requires vast insurance coverage.  The experts at G&H Tree Service provide quality tree removal services throughout the West TN area for competitive and comparable rates to other tree services in the area. 

I was on the schedule for a tree removal prior to last week’s storm. Why is my tree removal request being moved back to a later date?

G&H Tree Service is committed to prioritizing the requests for services as they are received.  If a storm occurs after we have already committed to a non-emergent removal, we honor the emergent removal-request as soon as it is received.  The last thing we want is for a client to have a tree lying on their roof as rain pours into their home.  We do everything in our power to assist clients in these situations first and foremost. 

Why can’t you give me an estimate for services if I send you pictures of the trees, and/or stumps I need trimmed or removed?

Pictures of a job site are helpful.  However, we are not able to give an accurate estimate of the services requested due to multiple circumstances that can not necessarily be ascertained through a picture.  We must be able to accurately factor in location, height, and weight of a tree; and whether or not we must use our crane service for the removal process.  These things can only be estimated upon visualization.  We always provide free estimates to those who request our services.